Solutions Life Coaching


  • Get to the source of problems quickly
  • Balance your business and personal life
  • Re-design your life the way you want it
  • Enhance self-confidence
  • Get past personal blind spots
  • Overcome procrastination
  • Enhance energy and performance
  • Gain clarity about business & career
  • Improve decision making ability
  • Advance your career or business
  • Improve time-management skills
  • Sustain focus on your top priorities
  • Make and keep more money


For additional information on how Solutions Life Coaching can empower your life, please contact us via the details below and we will get back to you at are our earliest convenience.

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Life Coaching is all about making you happier by changing the things that make you sad. Take a moment to look at the table below and you may find that some of the topics leap off the page at you; in the end, regardless of what it is, you don’t need to stay stuck, unfulfilled and unhappy. Let Solutions Life Coaching walk you out of your present situation and into a place of peace and contentment.

Life Coaching can enhance almost any aspect of your life. Here are some examples:


60% of us hate our jobs, yet spend a third of our lives doing it!
Is your career progression going fast enough? Are you in the right job - or do you dream of another one?

Solutions Life Coaching can help you to step back and think about how you want to spend your working life. Then it will support you while you invest in the challenging process of turning your dream job into your actual job.

Work/Life Balance

Have you managed to achieve a balance in life, or do you hate to get up each morning? Do you find each day filled to overflowing with things you don't want to do, but no alternatives to change things? Most of us are too busy in the work/sleep tumble dryer to find a way out of it.

Working with Solutions Life Coaching will allow you to stop turning your back on problems and to focus on finding solutions to those challenges. If you're working too hard and your life is out of balance, Solutions Life Coaching will help you get back on track.


Is your living space a haven for peaceful happiness, or a source of constant misery?

We often think we have no choices due to our limited emotional resources; however Solutions Life Coaching will help you create a toolbox of problem solving skills that will enable you to discover opportunities that you thought didn’t exist.


Are you in stress-free control of your finances with enough resources to meet your needs and wishes? Probably not! They say that money can't buy you happiness, but the absence of it can bring you a lot of stress and misery.

I will help you to manage the stress/panic and enable you to get off the financial treadmill for long enough to work out how to slow it down and take control of your finances.

Social Life

They say you can judge a person by the friends they keep. Do you have wonderful friends with whom you grow and have fun? Or do you find yourself on your own, or surrounded by negative people who drag you down with their destructive beliefs and behavior.

After a few sessions with Solutions Life Coaching you will soon see what needs to change in order to develop a healthy social life.


Are you in the right relationship? Does it need work to get it where you want it - or do you need to find the strength to start afresh? Most of us shy away from doing the hard work necessary to put this part of our lives in order; sadly, many procrastinate for decades and never find happiness and contentment.

I will act as an anchor in the storm, focusing you on what you want from this important part of your life. Steering you around the rocks of fear, shame, guilt and sorrow to new harbors of happiness & fulfillment.


Most of us have dreams, though we may not have dusted them off in quite a while. I will empower you to re-kindle your enthusiasm, to banish the internal skeptic that tells you to give up and wait for an early grave.

With my help you will get regular injection of passion, enthusiasm, external perspective, and powerful ways to move you towards possessing your dreams!


Are you at peace with yourself and your world, with time to be still, reflect and find contentment - or are you in conflict with yourself, the world and everyone in it?

Life Coaches are not directive so you'll move at a pace set by you and in a direction of your choosing. Life Coaching can support you, enabling you to move from where you are to where you want to be.


Are you heading for a long, healthy life - or are there things you'd like to change - like more exercise, less weight, less stress, and better diets?

Life coaches aren't generally doctors, but many aspects of the way we live today are not conducive to our long-term well-being. Whether its stress, anxiety, unhealthy working conditions, unhealthy relationships or something else entirely, I have a multitude of tools, skills and experiences at my disposal which you can benefit directly from.

If you can identify with some of the sections above, then Life Coaching will work for you.  To book your Life Coaching sessions, please either call or email.
"If you keep on doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep on getting what you’ve always got”