Solutions Life Coaching


  • Get to the source of problems quickly
  • Balance your business and personal life
  • Re-design your life the way you want it
  • Enhance self-confidence
  • Get past personal blind spots
  • Overcome procrastination
  • Enhance energy and performance
  • Gain clarity about business & career
  • Improve decision making ability
  • Advance your career or business
  • Improve time-management skills
  • Sustain focus on your top priorities
  • Make and keep more money


For additional information on how Solutions Life Coaching can empower your life, please contact us via the details below and we will get back to you at are our earliest convenience.

Box 1213. Red Deer. Alberta. Canada. T4N 6S6



My clients would be more than pleased to talk with you about their Life Coaching experiences. Please feel free to contact me at: 403-872-2153 and I will put them in touch with you.

I spent a lot of years working on bettering myself mentally and emotionally and then allowed a lot of it to slip back into an unhealthy state. Since meeting Terry, he has done an amazing job of "holding up the mirror" for me and, in that, good health is rapidly returning! He is encouraging, empowering and authentic. I am so grateful to Terry for sharing his life and wisdom with me and very excited about the renewal that's taking place!

Allana H.

Terry, thank you again for everything you have done. It’s an amazing feeling to know that I can learn new tools to build the life I want to have. Your wisdom is transforming my life and I am thrilled to have your council. I will be in touch tomorrow regarding our next session.

Andrew M.

Thank you Terry so much for all the insight you have given me through our sessions and the great assignments, it is helping me to look at myself in a new light.

Bev V.

We met Terry more than three years ago when living in Ottawa. Since our first session with him, we have seen not only our personal lives changed but our marriage transformed. Terry has helped us see that change must first start with us personally. Since that time we have both started to take individual responsibility for our own issues rather than blaming and shaming each other. Peace has returned to our home. We highly recommend Terry as a Life Coach, his commitment to excellence, confidentiality and honesty are exemplary. Don’t wait another day to get started on a new life.

Stephen & Beth M.
Alberta, Canada

I cannot express how grateful I am to you for all the unconditional love and support you have shown me during the darkest time of my life. It is because of you that I have started on this awesome journey towards a better life. You have been the wind underneath my wings, thank you for believing in me when I had given up on myself and those around me.

Cindy R.
Alberta, Canada

I have known intimately Terry for nearly 30 years and he is indelibly impressed on my life as a unique person of integrity that walks out what he talks in a dynamic way. Terry is not just successful in business but successful in life, as his whole life is impacted by his values. Terry is one of the most strategic, confident, wise and humble leaders that I know and I have served alongside some major leaders in my 35 years of full time work in missions. He thinks outside the box and has a big heart to empower people and get his ego out of the way. In his area of coaching he has rapport, awareness, solution focused without being simplistic and behavioral flexibility. Terry has a breadth of experience in life at every level and models a holistic life. I highly esteem Terry’s character, skills, and competencies. I give the highest recommendation to you of him as a man of excellence in the home, business, recreation, and the four holistic domains of emotional intelligence, spiritual intelligence and physical intelligence.

Alan B.
Sunshine Coast, Australia

Thank you very much for speaking last night. The presentation went over really well. The overall feedback and evaluation from the ladies was very good. You are a very special man to be able to do what you do; you truly have a gift that God has given you with people and hope that you can continue to help others.

Donna S.
Alberta, Canada

In the past twelve weeks Terry has helped me establish a set of personal boundaries and core values that are changing my life. From the first day we met, his empowering influence has also had a rippling effect on my family and friends. Whether he’s speaking at a conference, or in a small lounge, I recommend you take the opportunity to listen to what Terry has to say, it will change your life forever.

Sonja M.
Alberta, Canada

Terry’s influence on my life has been profound, positive and empowering. In the 27 years I have known Terry he has generously shared his time and life-experiences with me. His motivation to help and empower others can only be seen as a major asset in helping people reach their goals and potential. I unreservedly recommend him to you.

Jasmine P.
Bournemouth, England

As someone who considered himself a success in marriage, parenting and business I would never have even thought Life Coaching would benefit my personal or professional life. After a few Coaching sessions with Terry Johns from Solutions Life Coaching, it became very apparent that if I wanted more success in both my personal and professional life, then I needed a Coach. Terry has shown me how to achieve my dreams and even dream bigger. In just a few months Terry has helped me to expand my business but more importantly become a better husband, father and friend. I suggest that you don’t waste another day before calling Terry at Solutions Life Coaching.

Cam K.
Alberta, Canada

Terry Johns and the “Solutions Life Coaching” experience that changed my life!

“I will give you the tools to fix what is wrong in your life” says Terry; and he delivers!

The inspiring meetings and some incredible insight has given me the tools to make the changes that I would otherwise never even considered. After a few sessions with Terry I realized that I always had the tools, but like most people in their busy lives, the shop gets very cluttered and you don’t know exactly where all your tools are. Terry simply helps you clean up that mess so you can work again. With Terry’s help and the Solutions Life Coaching, way of solving the issues, I am proud to say that I am going forward in life and much happier as a result. I also feel that what I gained from the sessions I can use in more ways than I initially expected. I can now better manage situations with my family, friends, co-workers, myself, and even people I’ve just recently met, in a very positive way.

Thanks Terry (for helping me).   

Steve K.
Alberta, Canada

After several years of therapy, counselling and medication for depression and anxiety with no measurable success, our youngest son was getting worse and we were getting more and more desperate. We met Terry Johns by chance in the summer of 2011 and started working with him almost immediately. After several sessions with my wife & I, Terry interviewed our other family members. What was becoming clear, was that our son was manipulating and controlling both my wife & I, "it had to stop". Terry mentioned that love is often tough and we needed to stop covering for him; it was time to apply "tough love", re-establish old boundaries and clarify the consequences for our son's destructive behaviour. The changes we started to see in our son's life were almost immediate.

Last week a local restaurant hired our son, and today he has just returned from his first day at work in his very first job. We realize that this is only the beginning of a very long road, but thanks to Terry at Solutions Life Coaching we are moving forward with hope for the very first time in many years.

All the best to you Terry.

Bob & Pat B.
Red Deer, Alberta

"If you keep on doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep on getting what you’ve always got”